Picking Up Where I Left Off

After a long summer hiatus from my whole writing thing,  I'm going to pick up where I left off. I didn't realize how busy I would be over the summer and just haven't enough time to sit and write,  because writing for me isn't as simple as clicking and clacking at the keyboard. I have to use Dragon Dictation on either my computer or on my phone. As much as I want to say that Dragon is amazing, because it is,  it can still be very frustrating. Because of my speech pattern,  my accent, and the fact that dictating is still very unnatural for me,  it doesn't always scribe properly. On top of that I'm not exactly a genius when it comes to grammar. 

My summer was amazing. I rode my bike a ton, went on a couple weekend trips, enjoying beers and BBQ with friends and family, spent a lot of time reaching goals in therapy, helped organize the 2nd Annual Knobby Tire Ride and Roll, I received Oliver (the wonder dog) and went through intensive training with him at NEADS (check him out on instagram @oliverwonderdog), was a guest on a new podcast (airing this fall) and on the NBC show Give (Which is on-demand and available on their website), and so much more.   

So, with that said I'm going to continue to get posts up once a month or more going forward. Going to try and finish my rehab experience complete with experiences through my family and friends eyes. After that I'm going to try and talk about relevant topics and things that are going on in my life that revolve around my injury and my adventures a regular guy that just so happens to be a quadriplegic. 

o stay tuned in and thank you for your interest and support. Let me know what you think or if you you have a topic you want me to talk about in the future send me an email here Ryderoche@gmail.com